The basis of GPIW's work is the dynamic expression of unity, emerging from the heart of wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions, and our own hearts, into a community. This new narrative can help animate social and economic structures and systems that better reflect our natural evolution toward greater wholeness. An essential part of this shift is the coming into a sacred relationship with the earth and all the living forces of the universe. Feminine wisdom and the power of love can serve as the fulcrum for this inner and outer transformation.

Sacred Earth Community

"In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now."-The late Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Laureate

Divine Feminine

"What does it mean to reclaim the feminine? It means to honor our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment."
-Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Golden Sufi Center

Contemplative Alliance

"GPIW exists at the intersection of contemplative practice, peace building, spiritual wisdom, community dialogue, and social advocacy." -Janelle Surpris, GPIW